what do u do if u c ur partner flirting with others

April 1, 2007 1:41pm CST
hey its silly . .but what do u do if u really face that situation
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• Philippines
1 Apr 07
Well maybe its time for me to check myself, why would my GF look at other people and flirt with them. Maybe I lack the qualities that she wants. This will be the best time to re-access myself as well as our relationship
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• United States
18 Apr 07
It really depends on your partner and their personality type. Do they always flirt? Is this something they do as a way of playing and being friendly? Is it only with one person or do they flirt with everyone? If it is their personality to be flirty then it is up to you to be confident enough in yourself not to be bothered by it and know that you are safe in your commitment to each other. If it is something new, then you may need to pay attection to the signs of what they are doing, and you need to talk about it and express your concerns. No yelling, accusing, or slapping. Talk and discuss calmly. Best of luck to you.
• India
8 Apr 07
harsh, it depends. cos flirting itself is an art. :-) the questin is, is ur partner flirting just for fun or flirting to woo the other? well, i flirt. and my partner knows it, cos i keep her informed about whom im flirting with and why i do so. and my wife doesnt feel bad about it. cos, my flirting is healthy, a no non-sense flirting, just to make the other person happy. and if my wife does so, she lets me know too. and, i dont mind it. well, some people flirt to woo the other, then i am sure that there must be some problem. i believe that, in a marital relationship, there should not be a relationship of husband and wife, cos that will make each one depend on the other. the relationship should be more like a frend, and this relationship is the best as it complements the other and it is very healthy relationship. it is difficult, but it can happen. finally, flirting is fun as long as you dont cross the line. and for the world or the other person, it depends how they look at it. mike the lil smiley devil
@peaches20 (147)
• Philippines
8 Apr 07
it'll feel akward and uncomfortable. It just mean that my partner doesn't respect me.
@ILANEDRI (1921)
• Israel
7 Apr 07
I can't imagin myself in that situation, and I really hope that it won't happen to me ever. But if it will happen to me, and I see my girl-friend flirting with other guys, then I will go to her and tell her that it's over right away. Although, she didn't do anything physical, but flirting for me it's cheating.
@dublinda (135)
5 Apr 07
There is nothing wrong with flirting. I do it all the time and if someone flirts back with me then its a boost to my ego that someone other than my partner finds me attractive. At the end of the day I love my partner with all my heart and never want for us to break up but flirting is just a bit of fun if you are in a committed relationship. I have seen my partner flirt with others and I have just laughed it off cos at the end of the night I know that its me she is coming home with and thats all that counts.
@nowment (1758)
• United States
1 Apr 07
It would depend on the flirting. There is flirting, as in casual fun, banter, and then there is flirting, serious flirting, designed to entice, and play and indicate genuine interest that both want to act upon. If I saw my partner flirting, playfully I would be fine with it, I wouldn't take it seriously when I knew that he and the person he was flirting with didn't take it seriously either. If I saw my partner flirting, and it was serious, there was obvious interest on his part, whether there was obvious real interest on the part of the person he was flirtnig with, or not, I would wait, until we were alone, and we would have to talk about. I would want to know where I stood, and I would want him to give some serious thought to where he was at, did he even realize he was flirting so earnestly? Sometimes people don't realize they are even flirting. Did he have an interest he wanted to act upon? Or was it just a case of he was attracted to that person and that was it? It is natural for men and women to find others attractive, or even be attracted to someone else, it is what you do with those feelings that makes a difference. I would prefer he was honest with me, and then find out where I stood, find out if we still had something worth working on, and if so we could work on whatever issues may have become known to us by this instance, or we could end things. Depends on so many factors. And while it would hurt if the man I love wanted to end things rather than work on them, I would rather be hurt and know the truth, and deal with it, and move on with my life, than to keep both pretending, and constantly being hurt over and over again, and just drifting through my life. If he never found other women attractive I would be more concerned by that, then if he was just flirting, playing flirting that is.