When a friend crosses the line...what would you do?

United States
April 1, 2007 8:02pm CST
One evening a mutual friend of mine and my boyfriend came over to our home to visit. neither of us had seen him for a few months, but we were both glad to see him, as we had both been very close to him. After he had been here for a couple of hours, he looked at me (while my bf sat 5 feet away) and asked me if i would go out with him. I was shocked. I mean, who asks a chick out right in front of her boyfriend?!?!?!? So I told him I couldn't do that and he asked why!! I patiently explained that I was in love, blah blah, all that mushy stuff. All the while, my bf had been totally silent. i was wondering...was I going crazy? Did Rick not hear him ask?? Then, Rick got up, crossed the room and put on his shoes. I was thinking "oh no, he's gonna leave me alone with this guy?" But after he put on his shoes, he smacked dude in the back of the head and asked him what the h8ll he was thinking. He beat the snot out of the dude (broke his nose, I think) and threw his shoes in the middle of the road. When my bf asked him why he did this, he responded "I want to start a family!" It was creepy and just strange. I mean, I know people try to steal people's significant other all the time--but while they're in the same room within hearing distance???? What would you do in this situation? What do you think your significant other would do?
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@coolseeds (3921)
• United States
2 Apr 07
You boyfriend is very clever. I would have put on my shoes too. That way I would be blocking the door so they can't get out and I wouldn't have to fight without shoes. LOL. Needless to say from some of my responses to other discussions I would have dropped the guy. Especially in my neighborhood. It is good to throw a guy out and beat him up in front of everyone. That way they don't think of you as prey. So do you think it could have been the spirit of god or Satan that put him in this crazy state of mind?
@angela2006 (1846)
• China
2 Apr 07
I think if your friend do such things,then he can not be referred to a true friend.he did not respect you and your boyfriend,so if I were you ,I will kick him out of my friends.