Will you love only one person in your life?

April 1, 2007 10:53pm CST
do you have boyfriend or husband?do you think you will love him forever and you will love no other one except him?I often hear some people say like this:love is an emotional thing,but marriage is an ethical thing,which is to say without the bind of ethic,it is very possible to betray marriage?what is your idea about this?
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@cherriemae (3373)
• Philippines
21 Apr 07
i have a boyfriend this time, he is from Canada, very far from me..i'm praying that he's the one for me because i do love him so much, and i think i dont love another one except him, i'm contented with him because he is a nice and respectful guy, he loves me so dearly and he is so honest to me..me and my bf wanted to have our family soon and i think, he is the one..
@lornalhai (148)
• China
20 Apr 07
I think i will love other men except my husband in my all life, but i know my husband is the only one who will live together with me for ever. So the other men will be only friends ,they can not go into my living and i only appreciate them and it is not true love.
@julaqq (141)
• Philippines
2 Apr 07
I will love only one person in my life and that is my boyfriend. for me, it's not possible to love more than one person since it ruins the balance to the love given to each person. I believe in purity as stated in the bible, to love one man and no other. In marriage, that binds two people, to declare exclusivity to one another, to tell the whole world that we belong to each other and no one else. To give up purity of any form can not only commit sin against God, to your partner but to the whole world as well.
@ray375 (14)
• United States
2 Apr 07
I had a long reply typed out, but I've just deleted it. I thought about it too long I guess. Really I think marriage has a lot to do with morals and values. You just need to find someone that you mesh with, and they need to have the same morals and values as you, and you need to have very good communication.
@mansha (6301)
• India
2 Apr 07
I have often fail to understand how can people fall in love so instantly just by looking at the person. my brain used to start weighing pros and cons and analysing the person a lot. I always felt that love grows between two people slowly over the years and is built upon the basic trust. Marriage is alos a relation based on trust. I think both need ethics to survive over the years though. For any relationship to work basicx honesty and some values like respect and validation of other person's opinion should be there. It may be between any two relations but honesty ios what keeps the relationship alive and strong.