My star is not good! Its 5 tell me why

@Mithoo (255)
April 2, 2007 12:35am CST
Hello friends, i have reached my 100th discussions. i did it last night and when i looked at rating i got 5 star with green colour! I worked hard to reach 100 discussions but i am very sad to have green star with 5 rating! Did anyone of you experience such kind of probelm and if yes then how did you recover from it?
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@tanjila (548)
• United States
2 Apr 07
Well, I got a 5 too, but I've been doing more discussions and now I'm at 8. Just post quality responses and discussions with as much detail and description as possible.
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@Mithoo (255)
• Pakistan
2 Apr 07
Thanks for giving me such a response. your response give me lot of hope that i can improve my star!
@oarnamav (2708)
• India
2 Apr 07
With your little contribution in mylot the star with "5" too is not bad. You only have to start your own quality discussions to attract few more mylot user members to read you and your writing with some standard thoughts. Ones you are known to so many and if they mark you with a +'ve rating you soon will grow to "10" inside the star. It will happen automatically if you work with positive and sober attitude in your writings and when you recieve so many +'ve ratings with the course of time. All the best from oarnamav.
• India
22 Feb 10
This is my 100th discussion. I do not know about color, star pattern and ratings of mylot. Anyway i am happy that i am going to get a star right now. This may boost my activities in mylot. I have worked one month hard to reach this level.
@ILANEDRI (1921)
• Israel
2 Apr 07
Congartulations on getting a star! Now just make sure that your posts will be good, so more and more members will rate you with a (+), and that way you can reach to 10th rating. You will be a respectful member if you will reach to that. I have some few advices to you on how to increase your earnings. First, you need to post quality and long discussions or responses. You can also upload photos whice increase your earnings here. I am uploading every day, and it increase my money very well. There is also a link above every comment that you get to your discussions, that marks the member you want to give as a "Best response". Good luck on your earnings, and reaching to 10th rating! Have a wonderful day:)
@angela2006 (1846)
• China
2 Apr 07
I made only more than 70 posts.after reaching 100,I do not know the result,but I am trying my best to start discussion and make response,I think we will receive repay as long as we go on!