Past lives and what we are today

April 2, 2007 12:47am CST
Many people often wonder why, when they think deep about their lives wonder why their lives are often the way it is.They ask questions like "Who is my soulmate" or "Why he/she likes.hates me?", or sometimes,questions like "Why i feel "attached" to this place" or, "Why do i hate him",or "Why do i really like him/her a lot",or even "Why is she so lucky and why am i always unlucky?".These questions sometimes makes us wonder more about our lives.We often wonder why these things happen to us and why we are always confronted by situations that are at the wrong place,wrong time with the wrong people. That's because, in reality, we have past lives.Reincarnation is a fact.We do not live once here on earth,We live many,many lifetimes and we reincarnate at different ages at different levels of existences.As we reincarnate from one aeon to another, we bring our past emotions, problems, fears,sorrows, hatred, misfortunes, sicknesses and all such negative things.These our attached to our very existence.Many of you who are skeptical may wonder "How could there be past lives yet there is no scientific evidence of such.You must be nuts Iacobus(my name).Well, honestly, there IS.Our past life memories are stored in our dormant areas of our minds.Even science confesses the fact that mankind only uses 5-10% of our human minds.Imagine that!!!!!!!What more could we achieve if we used a hundred percent??.A lot more!!!!The reason why we are so cut-off is because our full potential has been destroyed aeons ago,when the Earth descended into a much lower vibration and we continually degenerated. Long ago, about 10,000 years ago, man was very advanced.This was known in mythologies as the "Golden Age".Man was very physically and spiritually advanced.Man was capable of communicating telepathically, levitating, read minds, set things on fire, and all things you could see in movies like X-Men.We were connected with our selves and with our Creator, known as Father Satan Lucifer. But at the same time, there was a group of aliens known as "Elohim","Jehovah","Vedas","Annunaki" etc. who saw that man was capable for slavery.They belong to a confederation of similar alien races who wish for a "One Universal Order" whose plan is to enslave all races to the will of the "One", a program which is run by these aliens for universal domination.They invaded earth at the time and have cursed our Gods together with us.They have genetically modified mankind by splitting his DNA, also known as the Tree Of Life, the blueprint of our very existence and selves.They have also divided man among himself through nationalism,racism,bigotry and most of all, religion.They have introduced religions that were used for our damnation like Christianity,Islam and Judaism.Through these religions, man has been taught to become the perfect slave through unwavering obedience,poverty, meekness, self-sacrifice, pacifism to ensure that we don't advance.As a result, we have drastically degenerated ever since The two angels guarding the "Tree of Life" with swords symbolizes this.When Lord Satan gave us knowledge from the Tree of Knowledge, the aliens who run the "God" or "YHVH" program got pissed since man knew the secret of the Tree of Life, or our DNA.Our very existence, including our souls, are encoded into our DNA.Modern science even affirms that man only uses 3% of our two-strand DNA and most of our genetic strands are classified as "junk DNA" because scientists claim that these strands have no potential use,which is why we have no clue of what we really are Since we are spiritually inadequate, we have suffered ever since.The result of our cut-off from our spiritual selves and the degeneration of our spiritual selves have resulted in wars, suffering,sickness,disregard and destruction for the earth,abuse of animals and children,poverty,aging,depression,human deformity and a lot of things that afflict the human race.The human mind and our DNA is mostly dormant and is a clue to finding what our past lives are. Misfortune, also known to New Agers as "karmic ribbons" and "karma", are attached to us as we go from one lifetime to another. These cause our present problems and misfortunes and our unresolved past.They attach to our minds and souls like parasites and as we live from one lifetime to another, it grows and grows and is the cause of our hindrances and misfortune,which is why we experience "karma".Karma,just like other misfortunes, can be superceded.One way is through knowledge and past life analysis.This way, humans could be able to see through their past lives and could be able to see where their problems are rooted Auric clearing, detaching unwanted entities and self-hypnosis usually helps the person recover from past life hang-ups and problems.Usually we see different people whom we have interacted with in different life times The only way we could surpass "karma" and "three fold" crap is truly knowing who we really are and exploring our true selves HAIL SATAN Iacobus Mangunus
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@ahamon69 (30)
• United States
16 Sep 07
I have tried time and again to show Xians the verses in Genesis that show we are NOT all God's children. Some of us, HE disclaimed from the beginning, from His beginning, because we were already here. And even Jesus himself admits past lives but denies bad karma in the book of John when a blind man was brought to him, and he was asked, "had he sinned before birth?" to which Jesus replied that the man (who was reincarnated) was not being puinished, but simply that God wants him this way. It's not so much a disbelief in God, but if you truly know God. you will truly know fear and pain. You will know contriction without measure, and a constant fear of hell, to which if Hell is an absence of God, I may be able to deal with that. I do not worship Satan, but I do believe in Free Will, which the Christians of today try to take from me every time they knock on my door with Bibles in hand. No I am not talking about JW, or mormons, I am talking about mainstream Xians!!! Three times in two weeks. and what makes them the angriest, is when you do n=know the Scripture, and that is the very reason for not believing. They really really hate that. Please get back to me with your thoughts.
• Philippines
24 Sep 07
Well yeah i understand what u mean......................these mainstream Christians are ignorant and unknowledgable which is why they annoy me the most.And yes, even Jewsus, a fictional character admits the existence of past lives........whicbh is why the Gnostic Christian believed in them