My Lot suspected as being a PHISHING SITE??

@meander (168)
April 2, 2007 4:05am CST
My MSN Messenger Service has just advised me that My Lot is a suspected Phishing site! I have noted that 'Phishing" has been discussed here but I cannot find it. Anyway MSN asked for my opinion. I was asked to answer:.No,Yes or Not Sure. Not knowing if my Lot is, or is not a phishing site I said what to me sounded right. I answered Not Sure. I happen to belong, with my a group that MSN sometimes collects backgroound information and tracks me. This is the 1st time they have asked my opinion. So what else cold I have told them. What to you think? HOw safe do you think we are against those Bad people who do the Phising? When I started on the internet my first identity was stolen. I had just bugun so they could not have gotten muchinfo and it has not occured ( touch wood (lol), as of to-day/
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@kean1337 (199)
• United States
2 Apr 07
Um Thats nonsense I think MSN is just jealous theres even payment proof!
@meander (168)
• Canada
7 Apr 07
Yes it is total nonesense. Now I agree.