With Scissors And Blades......Humans.........Without them...........Hairy Beasts

April 2, 2007 4:06am CST
Humans are hairy beasts if there had been no scissors or blades. Believe it or not. Everything that is invented is best for us. Think if there had been no blades or scissors and the hair on our body would've grown so much so that we would have become hairy beasts. LOL!!! But that's so true. Anything which would not have been invented to cut hairs would have made us hairy beasts. Just imagining that makes me laugh. What about you people? Don't you agree? Do you agree or disagree? I would like your feedback. Thank you!
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@samrat16 (2442)
• India
2 Apr 07
Hehehehe good discussion . I am imagining now that if I hadn't had myself shaved then everybody could have ran away from me. I think every thing which human being invented was very important in aspect of it's requirement and we cannot deny importance of a single invention made by human being. There is no question of disagreeing with you on this discussion's topic. Without scissors and blades, human wouldn't have been human. It's okay for us man that we have bread and mush. but what about women who are suffering from hair on face hehehe. they wouldn't have got married anytime in their life lol.
• Philippines
2 Apr 07
Humans like any other warm-blooded creatures are animals of lifestyle. I don't believe that we will be hairy beast if scissors are other blades are invented. For me, another invention would be made in leiu of the non-existence of the blade. Human's are just too inteligent not to consider grooming as integral part of his personality.