i am so freaking upset right now...

April 2, 2007 8:34am CST
greetings! i am so upset that i don't considering going to china next month; eventhough i have already purchased my tickets & got my visa. my stepdaughter school dorm's got ransacked few times in nanchang college in less than two months & lastnight got her celfone stolen inside the internet cafe ( her mom last year in dongguan got her celfone snatched it right off from her hand) , and i don't freaking believe this happened but it did. i believe strongly the "labor camp" should re-open again (do you know what they will do to the thieves if they get caught in vietnam...nobody would know cuz the thieves are considered HISTORY) . and i have heard the rumor that the local enforcement is involved in this kind of stupidity. i don't want to get my hands on them when i am there, but surely i want to break their neck. i don't know who's inviting whom but it shouldn't be happened to my little girl in nanchang (i am not talking about big cities like guangzhou, shanghai or where the hell is either) . so suck!
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