Is leaving your computer on all day bad?

@tanjila (548)
United States
April 2, 2007 11:09am CST
I've never really known.. I try to give my laptop a break for a few hours but there have been times where it's on over eight hours a day ahhh. Is this bad? Especially because it's a laptop it makes me worried... I use to leave my desktops on all the time and I'm pretty sure that's why their motherboards fried.
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@darkness01 (1303)
2 Apr 07
I have two pc's running at least ten hours per day without being turned of for a break and they run fine. The key is to make sure you have sufficent cooling to make sure your pc does not overheat and components get damaged. To ensure my pc stays cool for long periods i have taken of one side of my computer case so that air flow is better. For a laptop though its different. Leaving a laptop on for the same amount of hours as a pc is not reccommended. They dont have the cooling capabilities to cool the components as well as a pc.
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@Asylum (48107)
• Manchester, England
2 Apr 07
It would have made a difference a long time ago, but modern computers will suffer no ill effects from being left on. I have a desktop and a laptop, both of which I leave on permanently. I reboot them every couple of days to ensure that any RAM being hogged by Windows is released, otherwise they are always running.
@dana234 (2116)
• Spain
2 Apr 07
Thanks for this valuable info, asylum. I usually leave my computer on all day and part of the night and I´ve never had a problem. Mind you "modern" is a relative term, especially in the computer industry. Mine is "already" 2 years old. I suppose he already belongs to the older generation.?
• India
2 Apr 07
yes to me it is surely bad.we shld use computer wheneva it is necessary.there is no point in wasting the electricity n add to our electricity bill.we shld be economical in everythng we do thts wht i hv learnt frm my grandfather lol.
• United States
2 Apr 07 not sure..but i leave my desktop on all day..due to the nature of my work (i work from home) i have it on for at least 8-10 hours a day..i used to keep my laptop on that long as well but i never had a laptop is used much less than my pc..from what i have neen told its not a good idea to keep your laptop on all day due to the small fan thats there for cooling far as your shouldnt be a problem really they are basically made for that..