Fart --- how do you deal with it?

Farting in social gatherings - Farting is sometimes considered impolite especially during social gatherings.
April 2, 2007 12:51pm CST
Retaining farts can lead to some problems like a stomach ache from the gas pressure, pathological distention of the bowel if a person holds in farts too much, and even hemorrhoids due to the effort in retaining the flatus. Some people consider farting impolite, especially if they are on a social gathering, or even just with a small group of people as the noise or smell of that flatus would surely disrupt the people around. Well, good if you are just with your family or close friends as you will just laugh it out. But what if you are in a rather serious or classy gathering, where all you wanted is to let go of that air inside? How would you maintain your poise while doing the call of nature? Would you leave the group a bit and go to the toilet or somewhere to fart and never bother anyone with it? or you just do it there and play "innocent"? How about if you are in a big fully air conditioned conference room for a business meeting with your boss seriously presenting something in front, would you excuse yourself and go out of the room or you'll hold it 'till your meeting's done? Have you even been caught in these rather difficult situations? Do share your thoughts..:P
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2 Apr 07
I have done that once when I was laughing and fart the same time my friends would look at me then I would say what she did it then we all laughed. At time I would excuse myself from the crowds and hop e they don't know anything.
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