You can help find the cure to cancer... Children need you!

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April 2, 2007 1:04pm CST
I recently took my son to a doctors appointment at the Children's Hospital. Upon arriving at the nurse's station they were all talking about SHAVING their heads! I am a curious type person so I asked them what exactly they were discussing and why on earth would a bunch of young women want to shave their heads... Their response "to help our cancer patients! We want to help aid in the search for a cure for cancer " Of course I wanted to know more.. I was first given a card with a website on it... and a name "Michelle Smith" ... Then the woman proceeded to tell me the following information... There is a program out there called St. BALDricks. There motto is "Shaving the way to Conquer kid's cancer" The mission of the foundation is to simply raise awareness and earn money to cure kid's cancer. They aid in the support of cancer research and fellowships... They raise money by getting volunteer shavees and barbers. They then run a campaign per say and ask for donations.. Like the shavee goes to work and asks her/his coworkers.. "How much would you pay me to shave my head?" The coworker can get online and make a donation.. Then at the main event, the shavee gets a head shaving by a barber... This is a fun event for the kids and it earns money easily without much effort! You too can get involved! You can donate, organize an event, have your head shaved, be a barber, or even just volunteer to help get donations etc... This is a great opportunity for anyone to get involved in finding a cure for cancer. Michelle Smith, the lady who informed me of the event would love to have you donate.. her event has came and gone but there are MANY others you could donate to.. just get online, go to and make a donation.. there is no minimum amount and any amount will go directly to work finding a cure for cancer! Or, if you can't make a "money" donation, go to the site and check out their other forms of donation... you can do volunteer work, make physical donations such as donating your old car, doing a search instead of using google or another search engine, go to and type St. Baldrick's Foundation into the I support box, go shopping at and type the same in as above.. ,THERE'S so much more. You should really visit this site! Also, if you having a child who is a cancer survivor, you can share your story of inspiration with other parents!!! This is a very informational site that everyone should visit!
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2 Apr 07
This is a wonderful and fun idea to raise money for a worthy cause! I have heard of people shaving their heads to be supportive of a friend or family member who has lost their hair to chemotherapy treatments(so they wouldn't be the only bald one), and I have heard of "locks of love" (where you can donate your long hair to be made into wigs for cancer patients) but this is the first time I have heard of this. I hope they are tremendously successful.
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