My kid skipped class

United States
April 2, 2007 1:48pm CST
My oldest who is in 9th grade and is 14 called home from the nurses office today saying she had a horrible miagrain headache.Well since she has missed so much school so far, I told her to get a warm rag from the nurse and Motrin and lay down in the sickroom for a bit and see if that helps first.She agreed.So I went to my parents home for 15 minutes and then went to pick up my mail, and came back home to find that she had called 3 more times.So I called back, the office went and called for her in the nurses office,but the nurse was gone for lunch and her room stays locked.So then they called her class she was supposed to be in,she never showed up.Then a friend of hers was in the office and said she thought she was gone to the library reading pit to lay down.They went there to look for her,she wasn't there.I said I would call back.I waited for 30 mintues more and called back ,they called for her again,and she came to the phone,I asked her where was she.She said she was in her class I said no you wasn't.She then said yes I was,I went to class but my head was hurting me still so I went to the bathroom and then to the library to lay down.I told her she wasn't found.That there was people looking for her.She got mad at me and said I know where I was! So should I beleive her ,that maybe they just missed her?I told her I was going to call off and on to check to see if she was in her classes for the next few weeks til school is out.She said oh whatever ok.And she hung up. I don't know how to parent a class skipping teen or whatever she was doing.Any ideas how to handle this.Please put yourself in my shoes.This girl has been no problem so far this year,good grades and all, I treated her out to meet the trick my truck people and alot of other goodie stuff for good grade and good behaivor.So now its a f in Math and now this.
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