Have you been mistaken as another person?

@lizeri (533)
April 2, 2007 5:20pm CST
I have this very funny story that took place almost one year ago. One day, I went to our school to submit my medical requirements. During those times, I am wearing a large blue T-shirt and a fit pants though I am a lady having a long hair. Then here it is... When I was on my way home, before I crossed the street, a traffic enforcer told me to stop for a while since there are vehicles passing by. The punchline there is "Stay for while, boy." I found it insulting at first, but then later on, I just find myself laughing because I realize, I can make a good-looking guy.
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2 Apr 07
Yes, many times but as one particular person. My friends told me that I have a striking resemblance to an actress in my home country. At first it was fun because I was once in a mall when someone asked for my autograph. When this has happened repeatedly whenever I went to hang-out places with my friends, I started getting irritated already. Good thing this particular actress isn't active in showbusiness anymore, so the teasing and the 'mistaken identity' has stopped a bit. Speaking of being mistaken for a man, my roommate (a woman) experienced this. She is kind of stocky and she walks like a man, so someone asked her, "Could you please move over, sir?" She didn't like it at all but we had a good laugh afterwards (just like you did). Happy myLotting!
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2 Apr 07
LOL Thats funny. I have never been mistaken for someone else but one of the first times I was out with my husband when we were dating, he seen one of his customer from where he worked. She asked him where Amanda was. His face waent pale. It turns out that she mixed him up with a boyfirned of a girl who worked for her. It was really innocent but funny as heck. LOL