Who loves whom more between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend?

April 2, 2007 8:35pm CST
Love should be mutual and equal,but anyhow,there is one loves the other more.do you think so?I love my boyfriend so much,I mind nothing as long as he loves me.I like doing all housework,such as washing clothes,making meal and working regardless how tired,I feel so happy when we are together.I thing I love him more than he loves me? what is the condition between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend?
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• Hong Kong
3 Apr 07
For me and my boyfriend (I haven't met him yet in real life but planning to coz we are kinda in an online relationship), I am not sure if I love him more or he loves me more, he once said "we love each other just as much". It's amazing, really (but I know some people don't believe online things LOL). Sometimes, I feel like I love him more and sometimes I feel like he loves me more. I don't know, I guess I have to meet him in real to find out. :) But happy for you. It's really hard to find someone you love and you're willing to do things for him when you're tired. :) Good luck in the relationship!
• China
3 Apr 07
thank you ,my dear friend! wish you good luck!
@lornalhai (148)
• China
20 Apr 07
Love should be equal, but in fact, as we know there is a little difference, you will be happy if you own a true love even if he love you better or you love him better. We do housework together or he do it or i do it. Sometimes we dispute the housework, most of all, I am winner, my mom says that i am high-handed, but we could not quarrel with each other for housework.