What makes a person a comedian?

April 3, 2007 12:56am CST
Watching both Mr Bean's Holiday and Blades of Glory, I can't help but to wonder what has become of talented comedians in the entertainment. Rowan's Mr. Bean makes us laugh thru his acrobatic antics in the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Harold Loylds, 3 stooges, whereas Will Farrell and John Heder's Blades of Glory relies heavily on the script for a good laugh. Looking at the latest crop of comedies on tv, scripts seem to be the key to comedic moments instead of the actors. Point in case, Two and a half men, fraser, sienfield, etc. Others called themselves stand up comedians like Chris Rocks, Ellen, throw stones at peoples religion, nationality, race, shapes, believe, etc. Will we ever going to have great and true comedians like Atkinson or Chaplin ever again?
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3 Apr 07
Slapstick isn't the only form of comedy in existence, smart guy. Humor can come in a variety of ways - why limit it to only slapstick? Besides, Will Ferrell is awesome. Most of the sitcoms you listed arent that funny though (I'll take The Office any day of the week over them). Chris Rock and similar standups are funny as hell (except for Carlos Mencia AKA Mensteal-a, the joke thief)