A clever dog

April 3, 2007 1:44am CST
One day when I am walking in the street I saw an ugly but lovely dog. She is hurrying on with her journey. She is so hurry that a few minutes late I couldn't see her. But in a traffic light I saw her again. Also she is waiting to cross the street. In Guangzhou there have too many cars and lot of dogs has been bruise because they don't know while the traffic light is red must to wait. But this dog is a clever dog. She knows she mustn't cross the street because humans both wait in the roadside. While we are crossing the street, she inserts our middle and gingerliness cross the street too. What a lovely dog.
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@tonyxxx (693)
• India
3 Apr 07
Well the dogs or other stray animals who live in the cities have become quite smart.They know how to cross busy roads or roads full of traffic.I am from India and in India there are lots of cows or dogs that roam in the streets.They are all adapt to the traffic and know exactly when to cross the roads.Though sometimes they also get hurt by some speeding vehicle as also the humans do. They know where to look for water for drinking, where to find food,etc.They are clever indeed!
• China
4 Apr 07
I love animals. I hope the city like a big forest and there are various animal lives with us. I think if we can do this that the world will be better.