SORRY is the HARDEST WORD to SAY.. am I right?

@jlo228 (170)
April 3, 2007 2:38am CST
I won't deny it the fact about me that I am a woman having such a PRIDE inside me. Sometimes even if I am the one who's wrong I still wait for him to say sorry to me.. I know I'm bad. But I can't stop that to happen again. That's my guideline if he still loves me or not. I've realized I'm not grown up, still a spoiled girl...
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@wepay2 (346)
• Australia
14 Apr 07
sorry is so easy to say i could say it to everyone i meet or pass everyday it is harder to mean and feel sorry but if you were truly sorry about something said or done you would not have said or done it in the first place i never tell my children or wife that i am sorry for anything! treat others as you would like others to treat you then if you still need to say sorry you are only lieing to yourself take my advise and grow up
@ydnac22 (804)
• Philippines
3 Apr 07
No it's not true to me.If I know that its my fault it's very easy for me to say sorry.That's the way i think to ease my guilt.On the other hand if I knew that its not my fault I'll not stop till that person will realise that its not me who commit mistake.I'll let them understand and ofcourse I will not bother my self to say sorry.
• China
3 Apr 07
I believe you are right. Girls must have self-pride and like herself. We can't spoiled boys.
@Rozie37 (15499)
• Turkmenistan
3 Apr 07
No, not for me. When I realize that I am wrong, I admit it with no problem. However, if I know I am right it is hard for me to be content, unless, I prove to the other person that I am right, but I try to keep it light. It is hard for me to deal with people who are wrong and know that they are wrong and know that you know they are wrong and still insist that they are right. To me, this causes to much confusion. It is irritating and it makes me not want to be around that person. There are times, however, when I am not sure whether or not I am wrong about something and I will admit that too. So sometimes, it takes me a while to come back and apologize. I will even work to make things right, when the other person was clearly wrong. When I think about how important relationships are to me and how much losing them can have an affect on my total well being, I do all that I can to keep a relationship in tact. There have been times when people have done seemingly unforgivable things and I forgive them or they forgive me and then I look at how much I am enjoying the relationship, later on and I think, look at all I would have missed, if I allowed stubborn pride to rule my decisions.
@rdurusan (624)
• Philippines
3 Apr 07
I think i heard that in a song by the group Chicago.Yes youre right,i also experience that when i was alot younger.
• Singapore
3 Apr 07
You are right. "Sorry" is often one of the hardest words to say. I think it is probably because people have a lot of pride and not a small ego in them. Yet then again, only say sorry when you are really in the wrong. :P