truth about whole grains

April 3, 2007 3:41am CST
Get ready for the next big diet trend: whole Grains. food makers are trumpeting them everywhere. But just because a food has whole grains dosent mean its healthy, especially if its loaded with sugar. Its better to eat whole grains with sugar than flour with sugar. but better still would be to eat whole grains that are low in sugar. (No more than 5-6 grams a serving.) Check the ingredients list to tell if the snack is worth it. If sugar is first, theres probably too much to make a difference. Of course you could make your own whole grain snack, below- BANANA BRAN MUFFINS:- 1 and a half cup Wheat bran 1/2 cup whole wheat flour one and a half tsp. baking soda 1/2 tsp. salt 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1/4 cup light brown sugar 1 egg 1 egg white 1 cup low fat buttermilk 1 banana diced 1/2 cup crunchy bran nugget cereal 1. Preheat oven to 200 degree c. Put paper liners in a 6-cm muffin tin. Bake bran for 15 minutes on a baazking sheet with sides. Leave oven on. 2. combine toasted bran and next three ingredients. In another, bowl, beat oil and sugar with electric mixer. add egg and egg white, beating after eaCH. Alternately fold flour mixture and buttermilk into egg mixture, beginning and ending with flour. Fold in banana and cereal. 3. Spoon butter into the muffin cups. Bake for 20 minutes. Cool completely. Makes 12.
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@kathy77 (7487)
• Australia
3 Apr 07
Banana Muffin - Banana bran muffin they sure beat muffins full of sugar
Yes, you are right in regards to whole grains, any food that is loaded with sugar certainly is not good for you. Sugar should be limited as much as possible. Thank you for this recipe it sure sounds lovely to me and I shall be keeping a copy of this in my recipe folder as I must watch my sugar intake due to sugar diabeties which at this time I have it under control.
@Willowlady (10665)
• United States
3 Apr 07
Grains are indeed a grand thing to include in our diets. True that sugars can add to their palatability however the ose which is sugar should never be found in your purchased whole grain products within the first 4 ingredients. Those first 4 ingredients are meant to be real food and not chemicals and/or addiitives. Thanks for sharing the recipe, when we make our own we can make it really healthy and actually good for us.
@luzamper (1358)
• Philippines
3 Apr 07
I feel like eating already. Thanks a lot for the recipe. I hope that we would be able to prepare such an apparently delicious food.
@lightningMD (5931)
• United States
3 Apr 07
thanks for the great recipe..i try to not serve my family anything too white...i buy whole grain breads,brown rice once inawhile we will eat white you have anymore recipes to share with us?