Cellphone of Pocket PC, which do you prefer?

@deltax (287)
April 3, 2007 4:42am CST
Personally, I prefer using pocket pc than cellphone. It has more capabilities and a larger screen that suits me whenever I want to watch movies. I'm not a techie but I find it more useful. The only catch is, I can't send text messages when I'm driving. How about you?
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@webbyman (182)
• Philippines
6 Apr 07
I prefer pocket pc but i don't have enough money to buy one. pautang naman po! lol If i got the chance, i'll but Sony VAIO . I like the resolution compared to it's competitor.
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• United States
6 Apr 07
Broke ako! hehehe
• United States
5 Apr 07
PDA Cell Phones does the trick, it has a capability of a cell phone and pocket pc in one. A very great example is the Sony Ericson P990i.
• Philippines
3 Apr 07
I use a cellphone. I use it only for regular communication services that it offers. I have an old black and white model. I couldn't care less about the new features the new models have to offer. I'll surely stick to my old serviceable cellphone for as long as it stays to be reliable enough for its purpose.
@rjdreyes (157)
• Japan
3 Apr 07
I used my palm top/pocket PC and also my iMac notebook on my car. I can used my pocket PC whenever i go, i'm g-tech person and i really depend on really reliable gadgets. It gets my work really fast and also i used my notebook on my car, whenever i drive i can send email messages and text messages on the computer to any computer or mobile gadgets.
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@ahgong (10064)
• Singapore
3 Apr 07
this is really subjective. It really depends on what you want out of your mobile device. With so many models in the market today, each having its own capability, I am sure there will be a device that will meet everyone's needs some how. As for your SMS dilema when driving, it is usually not advisable. But if you must insist, there is a new SIM in the market here in singapore... it is call the Multi-SIM, where you have two SIM card tied to one number. So putting the two SIMs in your two device, PDA and handset, you can set your SMSs from the handset and receive them on your PDA. Dunno if it is available in the Philipines ;) mabbe you want to check with the telcos in your area
• India
29 Dec 07
Hi deltax yu r beautiful if it is yur pic! As far as question of yurs i prefer cellphone and i like my laptop as aPC than a cellphone,its really good to seperate these entities.
• Sweden
6 Dec 07
true but are you allowed by the law to be using a phone at all when driving ? by the way there are software add ons that allow you to type to the screen with one hand without using the stylus
@im_vjy (1485)
• India
14 Sep 07
i prefer cellphone!
@cnetboss (2476)
• Philippines
5 Sep 07
Pocket PC - O2 XDA Zinc
I would agree with. I would prefer Pocket PC over a cellphone because there are a lot of functions that are very useful which are not found in a cellphone.
@Stryker14 (138)
• Qatar
29 Apr 07
I prefer both a PDA which and a cellphone...
@ganwn071 (1117)
• Singapore
23 Apr 07
I prefer cellphone with PDA functionality. I like smartphone running MS mobile, it will allow sync with Outlook calendar, tasks list and contact list. I am using a O2 xphone. And previous owned a Motorola mx200. I love it as I only need to carry one gadget around since the O2 xphone has part of the PDA functionality to keep me connected
@maxxine (610)
• Philippines
7 Apr 07
i prefer a cellphone....