which one to buy

United Arab Emirates
April 3, 2007 5:39am CST
my friend want to buy the car and he is not able to make uphis mind wheather to buy corola or tida any sugestions
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• Australia
6 Apr 07
Do NOT under ANY circumstance buy a Nissan Tiida. They failed the basic safety requirements to be included in WHEELS car of the year. The Corolla is a name that has been around for years and have been a reliable car. My nanna has a 1990 one and it is fine. A friend of mine has a 1970's corolla and its still running well. Toyota is a reputable brand that has ben proven on and off the road.
@ganwn071 (1117)
• Singapore
5 Apr 07
Cars - Toyota Picnic
I will go for Toyota Corolla. I used to drive it for 5 years, it is a very economical and it is very fuel efficient. You can travel 12km per liter of petrol in city driving. Now, I am driving a Toyota Picnic.
@Gemmygirl1 (2868)
• Australia
3 Apr 07
Although i do agree with the person above me, i have a Pulsar (02) & she is the best car EVER - affordable, reasonable on repairs, runs like a dream, roomy without being too big & is an all over fantastic car. Having said that, the Tida is the Pulsar replacement & looks wise - it's AWFUL (yes just a person opinion). If you're kind of fussy like me, looks play a big role so i'd probably go with the Corolla - the Tida just has so many not very nice looking features on the outside - the hatch especially. Maybe your friend should take both for a test drive so he can compare the 2 personally, the way they drive, feel, look inside, comfort etc - that might help him to make the decision. Good luck!
@evelynlyp (788)
• Japan
3 Apr 07
I go for the Corolla. Its made by Toyota, they have a reputation of making cars that last for more than 10 yrs. Parts are cheap and easily obtainable. Nissan also got a reputation for long lasting cars but not as good as Toyota I think. Just do your research on car maintenace. Pick the car that is the cheapest to maintain. I'm sure your friend is not going to keep a car for 10 yrs or more so durability is not of high importance. I do find that Toyota has a higher resale value.