Love at first sight?

@deltax (287)
April 3, 2007 7:00am CST
Do you believe in that? I personally don't. I think it's infatuation and then when you get to know the person more, that's when love develop. Everyone has different thoughts about this of course. But for me true love is cultivated and it doesn't come out instantly. What do you think?
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@vixel83 (212)
3 Apr 07
I agree with you. I think someone can be in lust at first site, and it can certainly feel as overwhealming as love, but true love cannot be ascertained until you know a little more about the person than their outward appearance can tell you. That's not to say that the initial attraction cannot turn into love, as I've seen many cases where couples thought it was love at first sight, and it turns out they were indeed right for each-other, however I attribute that more to luck than anything else!