online english instruction

April 3, 2007 7:25am CST
Some Asian countries such as Japan and Korea are now establishing online English education as another way of learning the English Language. I am really concerned about the effectivity of this teaching approach. Do you think it would really strike a difference from the conventional way of tutorial?
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@romesh143 (165)
• India
9 May 07
This is the age of technology and advancement.In many countries there is online education.I think online education is good one for those who have means of online education.One must be intelligent and aware of internet and computer.Those who have this knowlede can take online education.But for the poor who has no means of education other than conventional schooling can't able to get online education even if they are provided with computer and internet facility.Thus online education is beneficiary for limited people.In higher stage it is better and time saving.But without basic schooling education how one can be able to get online education.There is huge difference in online and conventional way of education.Conventional way of education and best as far as education is concerned.In real classroom situation a student learn many things from teachers and fellow students ans class and school environment which is absent in online education.
• Indonesia
3 Apr 07
It might be less effective than the conventional way of tutorial, but it'll generate millions of participants through the internet. Ain't that wonderfull? It will be more excited if they created some online discussion like mylot under their site.
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@James72 (26829)
• Australia
3 Apr 07
Welcome to mylot..... It depends on how interactive the online tutorials are I guess. The issue with learning any language is to not only gain an understanding of the way a language is written but also the way it is spoken. Many dialects are not actually pronounced exactly how they are written. Tagalog for example..... Sakit ulo ako could be pronounced a number of ways if you were to just read the letters and say it. The only way to get it right would be to hear it. If the online tutorials address this issue then I see no problems with it.
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• India
16 Dec 07
well it depend weather u r taking good tutor online or not.