Prices of Life

@angel68 (138)
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April 3, 2007 8:16am CST
Lets talk about the prices we have to pay in life to survive. Gas prices are at a raging high again. Food has gone up and the price of living is on the rise. Seems like all the necessities that we need in life are on the rise. How do we live like this? They wonder about crime and proverty. Look at what they are doing to us. Just because there is a rise in economy doesnt mean everyone gets a raise on their paycheck does it? not in my case anyway. Just venting
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3 Apr 07
Ok I will vent along with I am taking some of the blame for this situation since I am a United States citizen, legal Ummm, well, it's like this...What we raise is the future of this country...What our grandfathers raised was that life style of america...What our fathers raised is now the present...What we curreently raising is not only their future and our 2nd hald of life, its the future of of how this country is steered..Not wanting to get to political here (will save for another topic)... I am thinking the best thing to do is to give our children the best education possible along with "love they neighbor" morals... We still have time to steer our country but we have to enstill in the children the politacal process, not passing on give up attitudes on to future generations...The people can and do have the voice to make change, change takes action by all...Unfortunately only the whiners and big buisness are the true controllers of the US machine, but all is not lost or hopeless...I think many have lost sight of the gift that we even exhist and that the entire world is just a spaceship provided for us