adrenenal gland issues

United States
April 3, 2007 8:58am CST
Hi, I have Multiple Sclerosis, and am was not just diagnosed with adrenal gland issue, where I will now have to start injection of cortisol, (ACTh. Does anyone know anything about this, or taking this? I am at wits end.
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• Philippines
3 Apr 07
Multiple sclerosis is no ordinary illness. However, I am asking you to try a natural vitamin C product which is alkaline based to add to the daily vitamins you are taking. Vitamin C is essential for all of us. Everyone in the family is taking this product on a daily basis at the rate of minimum 1000 milligrams three times a day. That is, 15 to 30 minutes before regular meals each one of us takes 2-500 milligram capsules. Usually, we take additional two more before bedtime. That will amount to a total of 4000 milligrams per day. Try to visit at the net and see for yourself the wonders that the product can do for you. A daily intake of vitamin c is a must for all of us. If we can have a hold on one which is alkaline based, it's definitely all for the better. Try it for a straight full week at first and you will feel the difference, a big difference.
• United States
4 Apr 07
Thank you for responding. Unfortunately, I have to limit my Vitamin C intake due blood thinning, and Ulcers. I talke it, but can't take over 500mg, or I start bleeding. It sucks. I appreciate the information though, and will do some research.