How many times have you quit?

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April 3, 2007 10:55am CST
Hi everyone. I first started smoking when I was 15. The first time I quit I was about 17. I quit for 8 months then went back. Then I tried again at age 26 for a year. Then I started up again till I was 29. I was a non smoker since last year. I am now 32. I would have been quit 3 years this past February. (I just turned 32 in February). I have been smoking again since last July. I tried cutting it down last week. I was doing pretty good. 10 cigaretts a day compared to a pack a day or more. I could kick myself for going back last year. It was the stress I was going through that made me smoke another cigarette. Last year my husband and I were living in America. I am originally from Boston Mass. He is originally from Switzerland. The problem was, he couldn't get a working visa, and he needed a job. We couldn't live on just my money. So we had to pack everything and move to Switzerland. It was my first time ever on a plane. So you can only imagine how nervous I was! An 8 hour flight. My first flight. It was a HUGE step. Now that I am here, I love it, and I am no longer afraid of planes. So I want to quit again. However, people can smoke in resturants and bars here still. It was easier to stay quit back in America because it wasn't allowed anymore. Not that I think either way is correct. Because people need to be strong. I believe in stength and overcoming obsticles in life. Anyhow.... I was told from my vocal teacher a long time ago (I'm a singer, and singing and smoking does not mix), to just keep quitting and sooner or later, you just quit! Well, I am now curious if there is any truth behind this? Anyone here quit a bunch of times, and still smoke? Or have you quit a bunch of times, and now have been quit for years? Please help me out because I really need to know that I can quit again. lol Thanks in advance for your replies!! Oh, and if you would like to, explain how long you have smoked, and when you started. Any tips too are helpful!
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4 Apr 07
i've smoked for about 20 years roughly.. and am about to do my 15th attempt. i have to quit,i need surgery and they insist i stop first. i'm going to try the patches,i think it will work,because the difference is i really want to quit this time-for me. best of luck on your quit-avoid the habit area smoking (after meal,on phone,etc.) best advice i can offer :)