Are you the one who does your household chores ?

@xenybb (168)
April 3, 2007 12:12pm CST
My father is an army oficer who is assigned everywhere in our country. My mother then used to be w/ him every now and then. We are left alone in the house being responsible in all the responsibility we are into. Our eldest is 31 y.o, folowed by 29, 26 me at 23 and 16y.o our youngest. Taking the responsibility we helped each other taking care of ourselves and our house. My brother helped me sometimes in cooking and washing of dishes. My second sister ia the one who cleans the house and also help me in laundry. Sometimes I felt irritated if someone will comment everything I have done is still wrong. Sometimes I can hear someone still telling me am lazy... Can't they see my effort?.. I just hope so I will attain some appreciation...
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• Philippines
3 Apr 07
Probable, the reason why other people would tell you that you're lazy it's because they have not noticed the other side of you. Or in other words, they have not witnessed being inside your house and see that you have really helped in doing your household chores. So if I were you, just don't mind them. The people who are telling you that are also that lazy. lol. Anyway, as to your question, I do help in the household chores. Since I'm not into cooking, what I can do is wash the dishes, help in ironing the clothes and clean the house. But this is only true in our apartment because at home, we have a maid that would do all the household chores. So i have the choice to help her or not. lol. But i'm definitely not that bad! Because if i'm not busy and if I can see that there are a lot of dishes to be washed, i help her. And when there would be a general cleaning in the house, everyone must help one another. :)