Once awake.. I can't fall back to sleep??

@babyhar (1335)
April 3, 2007 12:23pm CST
Am I the only who.. Once they have woken up they have a difficult time going back to bed afterwards? I find each time I wake up I can't go back to bed.. I've been like this for years.. I find if I do eventually go back to bed that it takes me hours on end to finally fall back to sleep all over again. Am I the only one who has this problem? If I'm not the only one & you are able to relate.. Do you have any tips on what I could do or even try to make it a lot easier for me to fall back to sleep right away? I don't sleep all to much as it is as I've had insomnia for years now.. But I'd love to hear suggestions or even tips on what other people have done to deal with this.. I maybe then can try out some of these things & will see if they work for me.. As I know all of us are different & our body's react differently as well! . . Thanks for sharing with me! xx
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22 Apr 07
I seem to have the same problem! When I wake up (normally around 2 am) I go to the bathroom and then back to bed. But, I can't seem to fall back to sleep until right before the alarm goes off. It is so irratating! I think that my problem is that I start thinking about the things that I need to do at work or home...or things that I didn't get done in the previous day. This seems to be an endless cycle. I know that my doctor had said that I could start to take perscription sleep aids until you get into a routine of sleeping all night and then wean yourself off of them. I don't know about you but I don't like the idea of depending on medication to help me sleep every night. I have started trying to take deep breaths and clear my mind and sometimes it does help. Let me know of anything that you might come across to help with this. Have a great evening!
@meholl (510)
• United States
11 Apr 07
I quite often have a hard time falling asleep and if i awaken I am usually up for a few hours before I can even think of falling asleep. But, I do something that helps sometimes. I lay out flat and tell my feet to relax, then my calves and so on. By the time I reach my neck my mind is ready to relax. Then at least my body is resting, and while that isn't sleep, it is the next best thing to it
@sweetlady10 (3617)
• United States
4 Apr 07
For me aslo it is verey hard to sleep after I awake up once. Even it's hard to fall asleep in the first time, it happens every now and then with me. In the midle of my sleep if I awake up and can't sleep again that is the frustrating moment for me. I try all good thing to think of what may help me, but nothing seems to work. I would say you that just do all those things which may help you to sleep, at least you think that those are help ful for you. I sometime try to read a book to fall asleep. Good Luck!
@nancyrowina (3850)
3 Apr 07
experts recommend getting up and sitting in an uncomfortable place as this makes your body more likely to relax when you go back to bed and it will seem more attractive.
• Singapore
3 Apr 07
It is hard, my friend. It is hard enough to sleep. But once you succeeded in sleeping and then get woken up, it is doubly hard to get back to sleep. I have no suggestion for you except to do whatever helps you get to sleep all over again. Chances are sleep would be elusive though. :/
• United States
3 Apr 07
hi there - if you wake up - do not stay in the bed it will not work you need to get up and keep all the lights off for a while for atleast 30 mins find a chair or sofa sit in it - do not read watch tv eat just sit there for a while - if thirty minuttes have gone by now and you are still just sitting there - then I would say goodmorning to you then - but it just mightbe so the trick - sitting and changing a location after waking should be triggering a sleepy cell in you to go back to bed if not then jsut start the day out and eat watch tv read turn on the lights - common with most insomniacs