Playstation 3 vs. Black Xbox 360

United Arab Emirates
April 3, 2007 2:00pm CST
which do u think is worth your money? the 60gb Sony creation or the 120gb Microsoft machine??
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@Pluntt (232)
• United Arab Emirates
3 Apr 07
i think it is more a matter of what you want for the future. The truth is even though PS3 is priced extremely it is built for the future not jsut for the next couple of years. The parts on PS3 are highly priced for a reason, the cell chip is extremely powerful, the bluray is the state of the art technology. Where as xbox 360 is only more popular because it is more of a peoples machine because it is cheaper but great it will only be worth while for the next few years, why not make an investment into the future and get the ps3 cheers Plunt
@nykid29 (713)
• United States
3 Apr 07
The Xbox 360 Elite of course! The PS3 Sony claimed was going to be truly next gen, but is it? Only slightly. From my point of view, the only real next gen console out there is the Nintendo Wii. Im a die hard Xbox fan, but they only changed things slightly just like the PS3. I like the 360 more though because the games it supports is more american based. Im not into all those RPG Anime stuff that Sony supports. Also the PS3 is losing a lot of exclusive games and do not have any fun games to play. It is still rough right now for Sony, but at the moment I would say dont waste your money on it. Go buy the Xbox 360 Elite. It comes with HDMI (just like PS3) and a 120GB Hard Drive (PS3 only goes up to 60GB and there is a rumor that a 80GB will release) So if you want a great multiplayer experience, awesome games, and fantasitic graphics, go buy the Elite for $479.99
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• United States
29 Dec 08
the xbox 360 elite man, it is way worth the money. ps3 doesnt even have that much games to play and none of them that i seen so far are good. the 360 has many good games like gears of war. ;)
• Philippines
5 Apr 07
I have been a big fan of Sony Playstation from PSX to Playstation 2. I grown up playing their games and got addicted to it. I choose the console since many game developer prefer to choose Sony Playstation as their game console. I heard that the latest Playstation 3 has been the best game console so far. Many of my friends prefer to buy it than Wii or Xbox 360. I know the other game consoles has been in a good competition with Playstation 3, but I am still sticking my neck to Sony's console.