What would you do: Concert/Sporting Event Tickets.

United States
April 3, 2007 2:07pm CST
You are in line for an upcoming concert. It is one of your all-time favorite bands. Or maybe you are a huge sports nut and this very big game is coming, and your favorite team is involved. You didn’t camp out all night, but you got their fairly early and the chances are looking good that you might get a ticket. When you get up near the front, you find out that the person in front of you, as you were in line, isn’t into it too much, but just wants to say he or she went to the show/game. When you get up to the ticket window, you find out that the person in front of you got the last two tickets. What would you do? Would you chase them down and offer them more money than face value? Would you go online or to a ticket broker? Would you just give up and not see the show/game?
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@vebela (310)
• United States
3 Apr 07
If I were really that big of a fan, I would definitely not give up. But, I am also not one to chase another person down in the middle of a city, just to offer them face value on the ticket. First of all, it's dangerous. Second of all, because he/she knows that you really want those tickets, the price could get very ugly, very fast. I would probably find decent priced tickets online somewhere. It's highly likely that a lot of people bought more tickets than they are going to use just to sell them for profit. So, I would find those tickets on craigslist or ebay...and then go to a ticket broker if I get desperate.