do you ever feel you want to just run away

April 3, 2007 3:06pm CST
Some days it can be so hectic and stressful at home when the kids and playing up and had an argument with my husband and then the bills come in I sometimes feel like I could just run away and start fresh but then i'm like I cant live with out my kids I love them and would miss them and I wouldn't want to leave them behind then all my art stuff will need that to draw and paint and the rest of my family and friends I like to have my famliy and friends around to talk about things and have a laugh with . like the other day we ( my kids and myself) were at our nieghbours party for her son and so were outers fromthe street we all know each other and is great in the sun a glass of wine all chating and the kids all playing with one another in the other gardens what could be better. But i have not mentioned my husband he keeps saying it would ve nice to have our neighbours over and all that but when it comes to it he's like I'm to tired and he will just sitting in front of the tv and watch foot ball or somthing he can just keep filcking all day it can make my feel a nit strange they ask if he is coming and i say he might see how he feels he has been busy at work it just starts to anny me now and the kids because when we spek to him he dosen't haer them or me it s two or three times of shouting then he hears us or we just don't bother to say anything to him may be this is married life after 6 years.??
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@barnkinney (1343)
• Philippines
3 Apr 07
i'm still single and i have no plans of getting married yet. i would not be able to apply your story to myself. my parents have been married for about 23 years now and they're still together. my mom would admit that there are a lot of difficult times and sometimes she can't really tell if the fact that my dad is in another country working makes their relationship better. somehow their love would always see them through. i'm not really sure how they do it.. and maybe their commitment to each other and our family makes them stay. it would be a totally different story for me to feel to runaway, since i'm just the kid here. but i still love my parents a lot and i don't want to break their hearts and cause them emotional pain. i know they will feel that way if i run away, specially my mom.. well, i sure hope everything would turn out good for you eventually. it might be just a phase.. let it pass for a while.
4 Apr 07
I can see what you are saying I do look at our relation ship and the things we have been through and think it is best to stick with him than try to start new life with out him or with a new man how different would it be most liky not that much change
• United States
3 Apr 07
All of that sound very farmiliar to me. It was wonderful and sad to read at the same time. I could have written that myself. Sometimes I go for a week and every single day I wish I could just leave and just like you, the thought of my kids keep me here. The only difference is I am not married and it would be easier for me to do so but I still cannot. You are not alone, I'm sure there are so many women and men that wish they could just run away or disapear, but there is always something that keeps us. I think we should think about the things that keep us a little more and the things we want to run away from less. It seems your husband is a hard one to deal with, I try to remind myself that it isn't him who matters, it is the kids and if daddy won't do it, then I will because it needs to be done no matter who does it or the kids are the ones who suffer. You should invite the entire neighborhood over whether he's tired or not. If he wants to just sit there and watch t.v. he's the one missing out. Maybe after a while he'll get it.
4 Apr 07
You sound like you you have been here before and you are right I do things with my kids even if it should have been dad doing them . I don't want my kids or myself to miss out on things because of him I think he can be very selfish at times.