Sleep Solutions for sleep deprived Moms!

United States
April 3, 2007 3:19pm CST
I know as well as anyone that getting a baby to start sleeping through the night is not an easy task. My now 9 month old didn't (finally) start doing it until around 7 months, but she occassionally has a setback when something disrupts her life, like teething! I heard every option in the book and alot of them really did help, so I'm interested in hearing what you all tried and if it did or did not work for you. Even the old wives tales are welcome!
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3 Apr 07
My children are teenagers now so it is a bit difficult to remember. That in itself is quite useful though as we only tend to remember the good times. The sleepless nights usually pass quite soon. I do remember feeling annoyed when my first baby fell asleep when I took him out in the pram during the day! I did not realise it was the rocking sending him to sleep but only thought why doesn't he sleep at home so that I can do my chores and stay awake now to see all of the interesting sights! Shows how the brain goes with motherhood. Stick with routines and don't let children twist you round their little finger to get their own way. You need your own time and space so they need to know that bedtime means bedtime. If you give in when they are under the weather remember to get back into the routine as soon as possible. Good luck.