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April 3, 2007 3:31pm CST
If you have a big family (which, apparently 3 kids is a big family) how do you respond to people who stop, look, comment or point? I have 8 kids, and it is so annoying when people feel the need to point and whisper, or whatever. Even on the weekends when my older kids are at their father's house and its just the 4 little ones. I want to make a t-shirt that says "There are 4 more, they just aren't here." Or when I have all 8 with me I already made a shirt that says "Stop counting - there are EIGHT" Others out there who just hate people like that? Or worse - are you on the other side pointing and whispering about others?
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3 Apr 07
I guess when I see people with lots of children I wonder how they manage when they have so many and how they get them all to behave. I am not staring to be rude just in awe of how the parents are still sane with having that many children to look after. I guess it is unusual these days with all the different methods of contraception for people to only have a few children and that is why it is so strange to some people.
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3 Apr 07
Children are a wonderful gift from GOD. HE wants us to have several children. Congradulations!!