Show off with Bike

April 3, 2007 10:53pm CST
It is a very offen thing to see boys showing off there bikes, with a big horn, crazy stunts, etc. but have you ever wondered why we are doing it. is there any use in it. and guys if you have comment on his please respond to this and share your expereience so that every one can know about it. and also say whether it s corect or not
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@socorban (651)
• United States
4 Apr 07
Some form of attention i guess. I used to do it when i first got my bike, but i guess its something you grow out of, well some do anyway. Plus its a rush like ive never experianced before. Theres nothing like blowing by some little old lady at 100+mph on your back wheel. yippie!Some girls think its cool or sexy to have a bike too, go figure "the bad boy types" Since you cant put a huge stereo on a bike i guess guys gotta come up with other ways to impress the ladies on there bike, of course when the stunt goes bad no one is very impressed now are they? and your out a bike and possibly and arm or leg, now thats imprsesive wouldnt you say?