What does the name "Mylot" suggests..Have you ever thught of it?

@ackars (1942)
April 4, 2007 1:39am CST
Personally this thught came to mind just now and I thought will put up as a discussion.If any of you knows why this name is being chosen and who started this site and all,please do share...
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• Australia
4 Apr 07
I do not know why myLot chose the name, but this is my idea of what it means: A "lot" (from allotment) is a small area of land in a communal gardening area. I have a lot (a small area) here in a communal discussion area. If I have a lot in a communal garden area, I have responsibilities. I should sow seeds, and develop those seeds into growing plants. I should tend the area and nurture the plants. I should keep the area free of weeds. I should have due respect for other lotters around me. I should help where I can and share resources. On myLot, my responsibilities are parallel. I should sow seeds of thoughts, and develop those thoughts into growing ideas and discussions. I should sow seeds of friendship and develop them into real, sharing friendships. I should help keep myLot free from "weeds" by reporting all personal abuse and cheating or infringements of guidelines. I should have due respect for other myLotters around me, and help them where I can. MyLot is my lot and your lot and everyone's lot. When we work together for the good of the community, myLot will become an even better myLot.