Every problem conceals a hidden gift

April 4, 2007 7:18am CST
If you find yourself facing a problem in life,and it would be very surprising if you didn't,then can you also see the hidden gift within it?
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@cheezer (92)
• Singapore
4 Apr 07
I believe so. I had the most difficult job of my life once. I got shouted by my CEO for things I did and didn't do...in fact, I got shouted at every single day. I lasted only 8 months coz I thought situations would change. But it didn't. After more and more employees left, I realised it was my time. Then I got a job that gives me 25% more salary and better environment...and now I can help friends find jobs :o) I believe that the trauma I got in my previous job has helped me to appreciate my current more. And of course, I have been to 'hell'...what can be worst than that!!
• Zambia
5 Apr 07
Good for you cheezer,your previous job's problems shaped you to be better in your current job, thats great.After all the trauma in your previous job you apprciate your current job,the gift there was appreciation...gud 4 u lol...
• Philippines
4 Apr 07
I think so. It happens to me so many times to know that SOME unpleasant things are blessings in disguise. I was canned from my first job, changed careers and found out that the choice I made when I was backed in a corner is the same thing that will enhance my pay a bit. But not everything has a hidden gift. I think it depends on how you look at things for the most part.
• Zambia
4 Apr 07
Thanks for your comment Jackie-mmm.You've mentioned that some unpleasant things are blessings in disguise,would you agree that the term problems/unpleasant things, means issues that we are processing to get a better life experience?
@nickventere (1423)
• Zambia
8 Sep 08
If you are positive about the problem you are facing, you definitely shall see some hidden thing it it. I believe everything happens for a purpose. It is unfortunate that most of us do not see these hidden gifts, as you call them, because we are preoccupied by brooding and sulking over our predicaments.