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United States
April 4, 2007 9:30am CST
I just watched this movie last night and thought it was a pretty good movie. At first I thought her new husband was into guys since he didn't really want anything to do with her for such a long time. They did say that he was spending time with the stable boys not sure. Omg she spent 50k dollars so fast back in those days that would be like a million to us. My husband thought they would show that they were killed but they didn't and it surprised him. I really didn't know her story so I'm glad I got a chace to watch the movie. Its always nice to see how they lived back then.
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• Philippines
6 Apr 07
yah! though my friend's sister say that the movie was boring, i found it really intriguing..but i hate the ending cause i was really hoping they will show that marie was guillotined but unfortunately it just ended at goodbye~! but it was great!!