Do You Look Down On People?

April 4, 2007 10:30am CST
Weather they're poor, smaller than you, shorter than you, lighter than you. Whatever just let it run. And tell me and the mylotters do you ever look down on people or not? I came upon an incident around here. It happened like this that one of the users said that he made much and quality posts in just 25-30 mins spent here and makes over a dollar per day. I commented and saying "Ya your quality can be seen the way your rating is. ( Note: his rating was 7 and something). Back then mine was +9 and I was enoying it and now I fell to this bad one too. So, I think we ought to look before we leap. So, do you come around such incidents?
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@liranlgo (5748)
• Israel
4 Apr 07
well i never look down at people you can never know in what position in life and in mylot you'll be next..:) but we are all human and things happen i am sure if you'll write him a privet messege he will forgive. but in life try not to do that:) we are not ever better then the human beside us:)
@bluewings (3857)
4 Apr 07
I never look down on anyone.Every person is unique in his or her own ways.Just because I don't know them well enough to recognise their positives should not be a reason for me to start judging them unfavourably and I don't.I wouldn't like someone looking down on me and by the same token ,neither do I .
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• Singapore
4 Apr 07
Absolutely not. I only look down on people because they e.g. have an attitude problem. If it is something they are born with such as height or size, there is no reason for me to slight them. They have no choice in those things and it is just not right to mock them.
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