What kind of will u choose to buy if you a in Ebay

April 4, 2007 10:37am CST
It is the common question.Most people click ebay just for the cheapest thing.Am i right. What else just want to know what kind of thing will you look at?Are u intested in Chinese special?
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• United States
4 Apr 07
When I go to eBay, it is for an item I can't find elsewhere, or for an item that is too expensive elsewhere. There are some items that I find eBay to be the best source for, such as beautiful hairsticks and wax tarts. I don't know what you mean by Chinese special, but I'm careful and don't buy anything that's not listed by a US seller.
4 Apr 07
I both buy and sell on eBay. When I buy I am usually looking for things that I collect, like dragons. As a seller I normally sell things from my ouse that I have no further use for. I have a lot of good clothes that I know I won't wear, then I list them onto eBay