Do aliens really exist?

April 4, 2007 10:39am CST
There have been a lot of sightings of aliens recorded and documented. Some even have photos and videos. But do they really exist? How come we never heard of any contact with these aliens and there were no signs or news that humans have captured aliens? Or they have captured an alien and kept it s secret so as not to alarm people and its a matter of national global security? can you enlighten me on this one? any article or link will greatly help me answer all my questions. hope to hear from you guys and gals.. Thanks
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• Canada
4 Apr 07
I never used to believe in aliens but now that I am older I do believe in them . There have been so many documented cases of this and these docoments must have some meaning behind them . Where would all this information have come from if there was nothing to document and where would the idea of aliens first have come from if no one had ever seen one . There are so many cases and not everyone could have the same experiences if it were not real . I believe they are smarter then us and that is why we have not captured any and if there were any captured , I believe this is something the goverment would hide real fast so that it didn't leak out .
• Philippines
6 Apr 07
i agree with you my friend. Probably the government knows so much, but they hide it from the public. They always say that it is a matter of national security. I believe we have the right to know, isn't it?