anyone ever tried it?

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April 4, 2007 1:11pm CST
I started the raw food movement last October, but had to travel for work, and then the holidays started so I lost the habit! :( It was SO much fun though-I felt great, lost weight, my skin was glowing, and I just really liked it. I wish to get back into to it, but right now I'm so broke I don't think I can afford the TIME it takes to eat healthy. Yeah, it can be a little expensive if you buy the fancy extra stuff, but most of it is pretty cheap. Organic fruit and veggies cost a little extra, but not too much. My biggest problem was I had to drive far to find a store that sold organic stuff. Have you tried it? Did you like it? Do you have any tips?
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8 May 07
I'm a raw foodist too and have to drive a long way to get organic. I get conventional and it's usually much fresher than the organic stuff cause the organic sits on the shelf cause people don't want to pay the extra money for it. So I get conventional produce and try to buy in season. I spend about $25.00 a week for my food which is cheap I think by ANYone's standards. I also do the sprouting-seeds are so cheap. The sprouts are the only thing that takes time-to rinse twice a day. But so well worth it.
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6 May 07
I'm a raw foodist and I enjoy it a LOT. I think organic food is like an investment in you future and your well being. It costs extra but has a LOT more rewards than conventional food.