The Demon Fat

@kathy77 (7487)
April 4, 2007 1:46pm CST
Fat in our modern diets has a lot to answer for: 1. It is the major cause of weight problems 2. It is highly implicated in the development of strokes, heart disease, and some cancers. The average intake of fat all over the world is rising rapidly - up to 100 grams per person per day. For health we should be looking at an average of no more than 40 grams per day. To reduce your daily fat consumption; 1. Reduce intake of animal fats, e.g. fatty meats, dairy products 2. Increase fruit, vegetables, whole wheat breads, pastas and brown rice 3. Cut out foods with added fats - the typical processed foods. 4. Reduce fats and you'll start to look and feel healthier for life.
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@crazynurse (7489)
• United States
4 Apr 07
Yes! Truer words were never spoken! Many folks tend to watch their cholesterol. While this is a great thing to do, one must be equally concerned about their fat intake. As you say, it is the cause of so much heart disease and so many strokes. It is also a growing problem with the great rise in cases of juvenile diabetes! One can prevent a wealth of problems by lowering their fat intake!
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