life is Ridiculous

@hanhaiju (421)
April 4, 2007 8:39pm CST
joy can be shared while the pain only rooted in your heart. the deepest lover, cannot replace you. dark road, wound, cannot affect others but only yourself. let's be strong, brave, and quite. life is nothing but a period of times or memories. nobody is willing to accept his lifetime is dull, in the mind, the pain can provid the exsist. so, i believe, that no pain means no beauty. gloom feeling, as i declare, make everything a mess. speechless remaind me of the situation of job. everything is out of order. life is Ridiculous. our arrival is a conclusion which nobody make clear. while i conclude my life, its mircale expose in the sunlight, without any agreement. life contains many things. the deal that i can control my life, is the descious made by myself. but, what hide in your reality? under the brilliant sunrise, i state that things is always that, that whatever changing my heart, the inner feeling, always true.
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