have you ever cried for your dead pet?

April 4, 2007 11:30pm CST
i love cat very much. and my family has kept many cats before. there was once a lovely cat that i loved most.she could understand my mind.she could do what i told her.she was very brave and caught many rats in our house.she could play with me when i was happy and kept quiet when i was sad.so i took her as one of my best friend,i talk to her and eat with her,etc. but one day,my ant took her to catch rats in her house. she was killed by the pig my ant fed. when hearing the bad news,i broke into tears and felt a lot of pain in my heart.during the next few weeks,i couldn't cheer up my mood.even now,i am feeling a lot of pain. i write this to memorize my dearest catty---mimi.do you have a pet like i do?have you ever lost one and felt sad like me?tell me the story,let's share the loveliness and happiness and sadness our petty bring to us.
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