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@catbvq (364)
April 4, 2007 11:46pm CST
What's a typical day for you like? Do you have a regular routine, a day job or are you at home doing daily chores? My typical day starts with preparing my husband for work. Waking him up and cooking his breakfast, and if he feels like it I pack him his lunch. After he has gone to work I wake my daughter up and feed her breakfast. Then I give her a bath, now that it's summer vacation, I just let her play or do the things she would like to do like, watch television, read or I give her a set of things to study. After I wash the dishes, I'm off to my computer doing freelance work and of course, contributing discussions to myLot (I am doing this for the past four months after I decided to quit my day job and try to make it on my own). I just stopped when lunch time arrives so that I may feed my child, then I tuck her to bed for an afternoon nap and off I am again to my computer. When my child awakes I give her her snack and continue with the stuffs I do with my computer until it is time for to cook dinner. After giving my family their supper and tucking my child to bed I return to my computer until I feel sleepy. I tend to vary my schedules so that I may not get bored. One day is washing time for me, another day cleaning house time, etc. but all these days I mixed them up with doing stuffs with my computer.
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@SKLC_PT (1234)
1 May 07
Unfortunately I am unemployed and not studying though I hope to continue studying next school year. So I spend most my time at home cause I don't have money to go out. I spend most my time in my room or on the computer and now I'm trying to make some jewelry to keep myself busy. (I'm trying to reply to all your no reply and adding tags, hope it helps!