Smarts, Who's Smarter?

April 5, 2007 2:15am CST
Okay we all know that most times the woman will say she's smarter than the man, and the man likewise, but really, who do you think is smarter? Are we equal? I think that we both are smart equally in different areas, and at times, the same, but not often. Though, i also think that kids are smarter than adults in most cases. The reason? They think differently than we do, they seem to be able to work things out much better than we can, and when they gain an understanding for something, they usually keep looking, as many of us as adults, stop at an answer. What's your thought?
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@brokentia (10395)
• United States
5 Apr 07
I guess it depends on the person really. Just because I find an answer, it does not mean that I stop looking. Because what if the source of that answer is wrong? Is the answer an opinion? Or is it a fact? What is the source of the fact? All these things come into play with I look for an answer. Kids...some have good thinking and reasoning skills. But I also have a teenager that makes really good grades and he will ask some questions that I just have to look at him and tell him, "Stop and think about it." He tends to like to have his answers fed to him. If someone else gives him the answer, then he does not have to do the work to think about it. That does not make him dumb...just lazy. ha ha As for if men or women are smarter....I don't think that one can be smarter than the other. If one applies to their full potential, we all have the ability to be equal in intelligence and some might be more in one area than the other due to interest. Does not mean the person that does not have interest in that topic is not intelligent...just that is yet another thing that person could expand on. And vice versa...the other might be more intelligent in an area that could be taught to another.
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@deltax (287)
• Philippines
5 Apr 07
All people are born equal. Being smart I guess can be attributed to our upbringings and how our parents have taught us. Kids are usually smarter than adults because they can grasp on new ideas easily and learn new things faster. Adults however tend to learn new things in a relatively slow pace especially if the brain is stuck in a routine activity at work. But we cannot say that men are smarter than women or the other way around.
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• India
5 Apr 07
I think women are more smarter than man, though by few percent. This is based on my personal experience. Smart means, outlook, appearance, talent, way of talking, listening capacity, answering capacity etc are my criteria which force me to say women are more smart than men.