build your courage

April 5, 2007 2:27am CST
There are so many people, include me, who don't have self-confidence, at least, don't have enough self-confidence. When we want to do something, we are often afraid that may be we can not get our goal. then, we give up. and sometimes, we are scared that may be someone else will laugh at us if we don't do a thing perfectly.(in fact, we always can't do a thing perfectly at the first time). and then, we give it up again.But we have ignored a very important thing,that is,if we don't have a try,we will never get success,and we have already failed even it never begin.Opportunities will never come to us if we close our doors. Now that, we all know failure is the badest result, and if we don't have a try,what we can ensure is that we will fail at last.Then, what are you waiting for?failure?I don't think so. So, buddies, build up your courage, let's do it.. ----- ps: i write this article in order to encourage those people who don't have (enough) confidence, like me, to do the thing we want to do. Don't think too much, just do it, and don't be a hesitant man..
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• Australia
16 Jun 07
Thanks for the encouragement my friend:) I am one of these people who don't have enough confidence of myself in order to reach whatever goal I have in life. Most often because of fear, I don't ever try and just forget on realizing the dream in mind. I realized lately, it takes courage and confidence and perseverance to succeed and I will not go anywhere if I am very shy and timid. Now, I am trying to talk myself in a positive way that can give me more courage and confidence in whatever I am doing. I am now working on dreaming and taking the first step to make this dream happen. Thank you. By the way, I envy people who seem to have a lot of guts, look at these people who think they are good enough to audition American Idol. I just can't believe it.
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• Malaysia
16 Jun 07
yea..agree with u. actually i thnk my self-confidence is not really good. sometimes feel like don't have any courage to do something. but sometimes it's good to try to do from the mistake that we can something. human biengs learn from mistake. without mistake thr'll not be any success. Thomas Edison make 1000 failure before come out with a light buld. i think if he's lack of self confidence and tend to give up just after a few try, then we don have lights in our house nowadays. wht the most important is courage and never give up