how can i change myself slowly?

April 5, 2007 3:48am CST
I graduate last year, in july, and now i have a boyfriend, he is 5 years older than me. in fact my mother do not hope that we stay together,because he do not have much money, and she do not hope that i live in a hard life. And i know all about that, but can not image my life without him. i am used to stay with him, he love me very much too,so i decide we have to face all the problems together. But sometimes, i can not control myself, i usually angry with him, keep silent, but deeply in my heart, i do not want to hurt him, but i do that usually, what should i do? I love him but why i always hurt him, i do not want to do this any more.
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@dpauli (407)
• Indonesia
5 Apr 07
Dear Delia, First thing, you should ask yourself, will you live with him in the future no matter how's his financial life? If you think you do, then just go for it. The point is in you because you're the one who'll live the life. If it's merely financial matter, it can change in the future. But you must see him whether he is reliable and not a lazy person, a resposible one. You can judge from the way he lives now.
• China
6 Apr 07
frankly, i do not know, i feel a little disappointment to his finance sistuation, but i think i can ignore it,i believe i love him, and we can make a good future, but sometimes, i am a little sad. i hope i can face our really life happy, but what should i do?