Classical philosophy story

@pengqing (218)
April 5, 2007 5:42am CST
A master performance was not until he told his disciples shoelaces soft.Masters nodded thanks to squat between goog detail.After the wait disciples,squatted to shoesting solutions song.A bystander saw it all,did not understand:"master.Why did you have to shoestring solutions song?"Master replied:"Because I was tired of palying the brigade,He let loose a long distance thing shoes.He can be an arduous journey through the details of performance anxiety.""Why did you not tell your followers?""He carefully Song carefully found my shoelace,and enthusiastically told me,I must protect the enthusiasm of his enthusiasm,He promptly to encourage As to why shoelaces untied,there will be more opportunities for him in future performances.The next can say ah."people can only do one thing at a time,to understand that the focus is the real talent.
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