how do you get rid of being too much paranoid?

April 5, 2007 6:03am CST
im a gemini, and as a gemini, we are known for our dual personalities meaning being moody, and also having many interets, being fickle minded, etc. and also. im not sure it its natural for geminis to be creative, but i know that i am, creative. what im trying to say is, my imagination usually gets wild or something. it turn out that im being paranoid with that imagination or things running in my head. i would like to stop it actually, becasue i think being a pessimist is not good for myself and for the people around me as well. i hope is someone read this, he/she can help me to have a more postive and better outlook in life. =)
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12 Apr 07
Being paranoid or the feeling that you are paranoid can stem from the fact that you have little or no control of the situation you are thinking of, or your life in general. Take things as they happen and keep yourself informed. This way, you wouldn't have to worry too much. Do things that will ensure you have a hand on the situation. Best of all is to give advice to someone who has the same problem. You will see that the solution to yours is really simple and you will also get insights on how others cope. You may also earn a friend in the process. I hope this helps, Katherine.
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8 Apr 07
Just like you, I'm a Gemini too. I know what you are going thru because I'm passing that same road now. Just don't keep on anticipating things just go with the flow. Try to relax your mind and try to think of happy thoughts. Live your life as if you are still a baby. Worry free!!!
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5 Apr 07
You can start by seeking the positive in everything. Don't anticipate the negative things that may arise from any situation rather give your best effort to ensure that only positive things come out. Although some astrological readings may coincide with our actual personalities, we should not let it control our lives and tell us who we are. Just be yourself and don't worry too much about the future. Live in the present, be happy :)