my daughter was atacked by a bull mastive

@nic24uk (571)
April 5, 2007 7:08am CST
last year my daughter was atacked by a neighbours dog it happend in there back garden my daughter was playing out with the little girl who lived there. the dog owner let my daughter and the little girl into the garden and the dog just went for my daughter for no reason. she suffered horrible bite marks under her left arm and on her sholder and she had bite marks that went down to her skull she had to have over 80 stitches. thankfully shes doing ok now and the scares are in a place where they can be hiden but this is not the point what has anoyed me is that she will not get any compensation for what she suffered because the law on dog bites is quite tricky here in the uk and because the dog bite her on the owners property and they have no house insurance she isnt entitled to anything. i think its all wrong she should have got something. does anybody know if there is anything else i could do to try and get her something for when shes older?
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